If you are looking for an outstanding man shorts and a great quality at reasonable price check out our newest collection of Benibeca shorts! A brand designed for self-confident men who know what they want from life and their clothing.

Benibeca is a Spanish brand created especially for self-confident man who know what they want from life and their Benibeca proposals they can have great quality and design and a decent price. The brand offers three types of shorts: • CLASSIC MID LENGTH • READY TO SWIM & WEAR • THE SHORTEST TRUNKS Each of the cuts come in many colors and trendy prints. What makes Benibeca shorts so unique? Maybe the company’s mission will answer the question: BENIBECA offers both: high quality and affordable swimwear for cosmopolitan men who knows about the latest fashion trends and seeks an outfit that will match his lifestyle and accompany him on his adventures. Men don’t have to choose anymore between quality and price, now purchasing Benibeca’s shorts they buy exceptional products with the following characteristics: - Net lining for extra comfort and security. - Quick drying, so called “waterproof” - Exceptional breathability. - Logoed snap buttons and accessories are to prevent corrosion. - Delivered in branded boxing.