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Bali Blue

What kind of fashion statement do you make when you stake out your place in the sun? Our beautiful Bali Blue pareos and beach towels let you express yourself with playful patterns and marvelous motifs. Stretch out on a montage of tropical post cards, or lounge against a mosaic of vivid arabesques. Throw down a sarongl that expresses your endless love for Rio, and hide from the evening's chill wrapped in a fantasy rain forest. We help you stay grounded too with clever clips that keep your towel from blowing away with the ocean breeze. Your best bikini deserves the best towel on the beach, and Bali Blue delivers with style.

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Art Meets Sarong at Bali Blue - The sarong is a unisex clothing staple across much of the Pacific islands and Southeast Asia. Call it a veshti, ma’awiz or redda, the sarong features a light breathable fabric and an attractive pattern or color scheme. Bali Blue has seen fit to elevate the humble sarong from serviceable garment to main wardrobe attraction with the help of high-spirited ornamentation. Taking its inspiration from various facets of Brazilian nature, the Bali Blue brand dates back to 1990, when a traveling officer was inspired by Bali workmanship and the inimitable Rio de Janeiro vibe. The resulting sarongs are wearable art that feature bold colors and highly artistic designs. Collages, flower depictions and stylistic reproductions of the iconic Cristo Redentor are just some of the motifs that serve as backdrops for Bali Blue sarongs. Buyers have the option of choosing sarongs featuring licensed images or picking a Bahia collection piece, which is a new line on sale in 2013. It features strong style elements from African art and culture. Look for the depiction of agogô musical instruments and capoeira dance moves. Also available are Bali Blue sarongs that show familiar Brazilian, floral, oriental and tropical influences.
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Bali Blue gets its inspiration in the Brazilian culture and its exuberant nature to bring to life its sarongs that have been a trademark on the Brazilian beaches. Since the brand was created, Bali Blue has always been recognized for its innovative style, being a national reference in the creation of beach sarongs.