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Ear Cuff

Anni Jürgenson began creating a line of accessories when she was a teen. The young teenager's Estonian roots enabled her to create unique items. Eventually, she came up with the idea of designing the ear cuff, a piece of jewelry worn on the outer edge of the ear. Inspired by Native American traditions, her typical ear cuff includes colorful feathers dangling in full glory. Achieving rapid success, Anni's ear cuff line of unique jewelry sparked the attention of top models and publications focused on the latest fashion trends. Designing each jewelry with her special artistic temperament, Anni Jürgenson draws on personal experiences and relies on her own stylish perceptions.

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Even before leaving school, the young Estonian artist, Anni Jürgenson, had already designed a line of accessories and travelled the world as a model. Her grandmother introduced her to handicrafts when she was a very young child, and at the tender age of fourteen, she started to create her own accessories to stand out from her classmates. Things really took off when she created the ear cuff, her hallmark accessory that wraps itself around the ear. She draws her inspiration from the Native American Indian culture, which she finds fascinating, especially the Indian feathers that are worn as adornments. The ear cuff became an overnight success, and with her talent recognised, the ear cuff is to be seen on catwalks and in fashion magazines eager to cover the new trend. A promising designer, Anni continues to innovate according to her inspiration, ignoring the restraints of business managers and happy as an artist who designs at her own pace.
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Anni Jürgenson is a young Estonian artist known for her hallmark accessory, the ear cuff: a unique accessory that wraps itself around the ear and which has taken the fashion world by storm.