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Agua Clara is a Peruvian luxury swimwear label that has been developed around the concept of sophisticated exoticism. All the label's creations are ethnically inspired, hand-crafted and rich with embroidery, pearls and natural ornaments. Each piece is unique.   

Aguaclara swimwear speaks to stylish women who want to set new fashion trends. The brand appeals to those who embrace trendy clothes entwined in mysteries and stylish imaginations. Unusual shapes feature animal, feather and gem prints. Instead of wearing the usual type of swimwear to the beach, fashionable ladies may wish to stand out in the crowd. Expect compliments when wearing Aguaclara swimwear. The designs sparkle with innovation and creativity. Removable pads render even more appealing tops offering optimum comfort levels. Monokini swimsuit and one-piece bathing suits featuring full, rounded tops mimic traditional bathing suit styles intricately woven with extremely contemporary designs. Aguaclara swimwear definitely resonates with women who reach for the stars.
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In 1989, in Lima, Peru, siblings Jorge and Liliana Villalobos founded Agua Clara. The initial idea was to design personalised and tailor-made swimming costumes but the brand's quality and its increasing popularity quickly placed it as leader in the luxury swimwear market. As artistic director, Liliana developed the label's image by orientating the design of the collections towards sophisticated exoticism, drawing inspiration from the Amazon and the Andean Cordillera to give the brand an authentically ethnic style. Each piece is enhanced by the brilliant fabrics in natural colours, the bold and innovative cuts, and, above all, by the craftmanship behind the intricate embroidery, the handsewn beads and sequins, and the natural, handmade accessories specifically designed for textiles. Each piece is a truly unique creation, just like its wearer.
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