Swimwear for 8 body Shape

With your wasp waist, your developed bust and hips, in a word the ideal silhouette, you are the envy of every woman. Brazilian Bikini Shop has selected printed and solid colour swimwear for you that will sublimate all 8 shapes and turn all the beautiful girls in bikinis on the beach green with envy.
Push-up bras and scarf halters with support are on your side to give you a lift plunge. As for the bottoms, avoid ties on the hips, cut out or not, low-cut or, on the contrary, high-cut to bring out your curves and to play the unabashed pin up retro-style!

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Focus attention on your luscious but well-proportioned silhouette with our selection of swimming costumes perfect for 8 shapes! Prints and solid colours, low-cut or high-waisted, take your choice!