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The Classic Woodcut Of Lampião And Maria Bonita Ornaments This Black And White Pareo - Canga Lampiao E Maria Bonita

The classic woodcut of Lampião and Maria Bonita ornaments this black and white pareo.


The Borges family is a very famous Brazilian folk artist family.   The designs of Jose Borges, such as this one, is perhaps the most well known amongst them.   His wood cutting design of the historical Lampiao E Maria Bonita is elegantly represented on a durable caga that can be worn or used for outdoor fun.   The classic design is in black and white and has a real folksy feel to it.   It is long enough to use as a beach towel and made of fabric that is easily washable and cared for so the design will not easily fade.   This is a wonderful primitive desert design telling a special story of Brazilian culture.

  • •  Brand: Bali Blue
  • •  Color: Black
  • •  Style: Beach Towel / Pareo
  • •  Size: 175 cm x 118 cm / 68 in x 46 in
  • •  Composition: 100% Rayon (Viscose)
    •  It is not standard bath towel, terry towelling, it is a thin sheet towel which can be used as beach throw.
  • •  Origin: Made in Indonesia, Designed in Brazil

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