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Date Added : 05/25/2016
Author : Anonymous customer
This bikini is lovely. It's so sexy and very beautiful and the quality is amazing. My husband loves it! I can't wait to wear it on holiday for him. I'm so glad I took the plunge and bought it its totally amazing.
Date Added : 03/02/2014
Author : Geneviève Binkowski
This is my favorite of all your bikini's and this is the one I want, can't wait to wear it on the beach this summer, exciting thought!!
Date Added : 02/28/2014
Author : Kevin Stuyck
This bikini is marvellous, sexy black and perfect design, accentuates perfectly the female curves
Date Added : 02/08/2014
Author : Anonymous customer
Beautiful bikini with minimal coverage. very sexy.
Date Added : 12/24/2013
Author : James Vandooren
This bikini is breathtaking! It's as tiny as possible without getting cheap and vulgar. This is for sensual wimen with a lot of class!!
Date Added : 12/06/2013
Author : Bill Greene
an incredible sexy and gorgeous bikini!!