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Date Added : 02/22/2014
Author : Kristina
I ordered 4 and they all happened to be Rio de Sol. I'm very happy with all of them, the tops are not padded so don't expect much there but the bottoms look great and for the price it's a steal
Date Added : 02/08/2014
Author : Eliška
Thanks for this surprise! I´ve just got the elegant white bikini with adjustable bottom and I´m totally satisfied.
Date Added : 01/14/2014
Author : Manuela R.
Interesting idea ! I just ordered one Surprise bikini for me, I hope it will be a nice one :)
Date Added : 08/02/2012
Author : A. G.
I got a black and white waved one with two elastic straps on each hip. I am absolutely happy! I think I'll order another one - by next year at the latest. Thanks a lot :)