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Date Added : 03/30/2014
Author : Li W.
This is cut a little bigger than the other Rio Del Sol bikinis I have. Not the best cut either on top, very triangular and not teardrop shaped. I would try a different white bikini from them. Good quality material from this company though.
Date Added : 02/10/2014
Author : Ida J
This bikini is absolutely gorgeous! I ordered a size S (normally XS) since it was recommended that you size up, and it fits perfectly. The material is thick and of great quality!
Date Added : 01/23/2014
Author : Aida Lacerda
I've got the Acerola color which i love so i decided to get a White, which is also beautiful I really like this Rio de SOl brand quality is excellent!
Date Added : 02/18/2012
Author : Rita LoPiccolo
I'm a 36D on Top and I wear a small for the bottom, I see you don't sell the Bikinis separate, other wise I have to buy an XLarge , which I'm not
Date Added : 01/19/2010
Author : Rebecca SooEun Lee
This gooorgeous white bikini was my 7th one from this shop! It's so good to know that I can really trust ALL the products from this shop. The bikinis are true brazilian cut, so fitting and NOT transparent at all! I am an Australian size 6 and US size 0, 10B (or 32B) and size XS fits me perfectly! Great job Brazilian Bikini Shop!! Love you & Thank You!! Rebecca