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Date Added : 06/11/2014
Author : Edgar Knalkut
The most beautiful and seducing bikini I've ever seen!!
Date Added : 06/04/2014
Author : Tom van Eeden
What a beautiful and gorgeous bikini this is!! It's sexy, cute, daring, elegant, classy all at the same time
Date Added : 05/12/2014
Author : Carmen Lopez
I don't think I ever saw a more beautiful and exquisite bikini, it's like a dream.
Date Added : 04/23/2014
Author : Timothy Cartwright
Yeah, it's true, your shop is filled with gorgeous, classy, exciting and sexy bikini's, but this bikini definately stands out, it's the most sexy little thing possible!
Date Added : 04/21/2014
Author : Judy Savels
There are so many beautiful bikini's in your shop, I couldn't decide which one to buy, and then I saw this one and I instantly knew this is the one I want. This is the sexiest bikini ever!!
Date Added : 04/18/2014
Author : Brian Nobles
I think it's almost impossible to create a more spectacular bikini than this one. It's certainly quite daring but it looks like a little jewel, the red strings in perfect harmonie with all the other colours....
Date Added : 04/17/2014
Author : Jim
This bikini is certainly sensational. Love the new Rio De Sol range lovely vibrant colours. May be tiny but looks gorgeous.
Date Added : 04/16/2014
Author : Kitty Vandilsen
This bikini knocks me of my feet, I have a lot of bikinis but this one is my most precious one. The moment I saw it, I knew I had to have it. It has everything : class, wonderful colors, perfect design, supersexy minimal coverage
Date Added : 04/15/2014
Author : Brigitte Lecomte
This is such a cute and lovely bikini!!! I instantly fell in love with it, this is the bikini I always wanted to have
Date Added : 04/06/2014
Author : Sue Tobolski
What a truly wonderful bikini this is!!. Allthough it's extremely tiny, it's very classy. I want one, I'm already very excited imagening wearing it on the beach this summer
Date Added : 04/03/2014
Author : Dolores Navarra
This is my favorite bikini, I want it, it's marvellous and extremely sexy