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Ondademar Swimwear

When you want to swim in the water and play in the sand, Ondademar swimwear is ideal. Our fashion pieces are made so that you enjoy your time at the beach or by the pool. The designs never go out of style, and the unique cuts accent the parts of your body you want to show off. Whether you prefer a one or two piece suit, you will find something in our collection. Ondademar swimwear knows a woman's figure and always manages to make it look feminine. Take advantage of our wide variety of styles and padding options so that you always look great while maximizing your fun in the sun.

Created 13 years ago in Colombia, OndadeMar has positioned itself from the very beginning as a luxury beachwear brand. Its range of swimsuits is deliberately varied and extends from the casual or gimmicky style to the most sophisticated and refined. Whatever style is chosen, each female will always have the assurance of wearing a bikini which respects the high standards of quality demanded by the international luxury market. This care taken in its design comes with a unique style thanks to a subtle Latin touch which knows how to reveal the natural beauty of women. With its original creations, the brand has known how to establish itself in the pages of the most prestigious magazines such as Vogue, Cosmopolitan or Marie Claire; a genuine token of appreciation. OndadeMar is a Colombian luxury beachwear brand that offers unique and high-quality products with a Latin flair, carefully designed to enhance a woman's natural beauty.