Monoi Skin Care

Monoi de Tahiti oil is produced by macerating Tiare flowers (originally from French Polynesia) in refined coconut oil. It is only produced in Tahiti and has strong moisturizing properties. Monoi de Tahiti is an extraordinary oil for your skin and hair care. In Maohi, Monoi means holy oil and it is at the heart of the Tahiti tradition and its islands: a real  beauty secret. Check out our product line of Monoi de Tahiti oils.


Monoi de Tahiti is a luxurious natural blend of pure coconut oil and tiare flower, also known as Tahitian gardenia. Coconut oil is a marvelous emollient with remarkable skin softening properties. The oil of the coconut alleviates the skin drying effects of sun, wind and sea water. Tahitian gardenia is one of the most sweetly fragrant flowers in the world. The combination of the two creates a sublime thing, indeed. When natural coconut oil and Tahitian tiare flower oils are blended together, the resultant Monoi de Tahiti is beneficial to the skin and stimulating to the senses. Monoi is the primary ingredient in a range of smoothing and soothing products for hair and skin. Please note that the natural, unemulsified coconut oil in these products will solidify at room temperatures below 68F/20C. When this happens, simply hold the closed container under warm running water for a minute or so, until the monoi melts. Never heat Monoi de Tahiti in a microwave oven, as doing so will reduce the fragrance of the Tahitian gardenias contained therein.