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Ipanema, situated in Southern Rio de Janeiro, is known for its nightlife, beautiful beaches and warm people. Ipanema is also a world renowned flip flop designer and manufacturer which uses an innovative material known as "melfex", which is flexible, resistant and, most importantly, environmentally friendly. The company has been collaborating with super model Gisele Bündchen since 2002. The great thing about Ipanema's footwear is that it can be worn not only to the beach, but also to special events. Ipanema sandals are elegant, trendy and embellished with lovely details.


Flip-flops are not just for the beach or the pool anymore. They are worn year round, around the world, and compliment any number of outfits. Ipanema brand flip-flops come in so many colors and combinations of colors that it is almost impossible to buy just one pair. The Ipanema name has become synonymous with flip-flops in Brazil. Because the materials Ipanema uses in the manufacture of its flip-flops is first quality, you can be assured of a comfortable fit, allowing you to wear your flip-flops all day long without even knowing you have them on. They are cute. They are trendy. From the simplest one-tone sandal to the colorful tropical prints that dress up your feet in style, Ipanema offers something for everyone. Scroll through the many designs we offer, and we are certain you will find the exact style and color you want. From hibiscus flowers, to palm trees, to butterflies, daisies and more, you won’t find a larger selection of flip-flops anywhere.

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