H or "rectangle" shape

A trifle androgynous, the H or "rectangle" shape displays few curves, a nondescript waistline and an alignment of the shoulders and hips. Brazilian Bikini Shop proposes a selection of printed swimwear for you which knows how to bring out the best of your silhouette by redrawing your waistline.
For the top, best to go for a halter whether it is fixed, sliding, padded, scarf or push-up or a very feminine push-up bra.
Fringes, flounces, pompoms, plump for anything that gives volume to the bust and hips. Graphic prints, polka dots, floral, they'll also suit you perfectly!

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You have an H or "rectangle" shape? Sculpt your silhouette thanks to our halter and push-up bikinis with graphic, tropical or pattern prints!