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Flor de Menta

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Flor de Menta redefines Brazilian beach fashion with trendy swimwear created for women who are confident in themselves. The styles are bold and dramatic, made even more so by quality materials and creative embellishments on the two-piece bikini sets.

With designs ranging from demure to racy, Flor de Menta swmiwears will perfectly fit you and your unique style. These sizzling styles will get noticed no matter where they're worn.

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Flor de Menta knows women like no one else does. Colors and prints are chosen to capture the fun and naughty side of women while beach wear designs celebrate the freedom that women feel from wearing a comfortable and flattering set of Flor de Menta swimwear. Sets are sold as separates so that women can always get the best fit for their body type. Brazil is the land of sun, sand, fun and beautiful women. Flor de Menta showcases these elements in its fashion creations that are widely favored by women all over the world. The designs take into account that women have things to do, places to go and be seen. Their swimwear are standouts at the pool and beach. Add a matching cover-up, the right accessories and a warm smile and your beach wear turns into a casual outfit. This is the gift of Flor de Menta swimwear.