Flip-flops - Brazil Bicolor Red/blue

Flip flop with red sole and blue straps in a v shape


The Ipanema Brazil Bi-Color Red/Blue flip-flop is a warm and colorful addition to any summer wardrobe. With a bright red base, bi-color blue strap and a yellow and green stripe around the base, the Brazil commands attention and coordinates with all of your favorite summer colors. The strap also features a Brazilian flag accent detail and the well-known Ipanema logo. The Brazil flip-flop is made from 100 percent PVC.

  • •  Brand: Ipanema
  • •  Color: Red
  • •  Print: Bicolor
  • •  Style: Flip-Flops
  • •  Composition: Made with PVC 100% recyclable
  • •  Origin: Made in Brazil

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