Bali Blue

Brazilian Beach Towel - Canga Arrial D'ajuda

Brazilian canga featuring capoerista, palm tree and original designs


This original Brazilian canga is a beach towel that Brazilian people use to wrap around the waist as a sarong and to lie under the sun. If you are into all things Brazilian, we suggest you go for a canga that matches your tiny bikini and Ipanema flip flops, so that it will feel like carrying a part of Rio de Janeiro with you all the time. The Canga Arriadal Ajuda, in particular, is a beautiful beach towel featuring images that recall Brazilian traditions and culture: a capoerista (capoeira dancer/fighter), a church, a palm tree and a native American hat.
Style: Brazilian pareo
Condition: New
Material: 100% Viscose
Origin: Made in Indonesia. Designed in Brazil.

  • •  Brand: Bali Blue
  • •  Color: Blue
  • •  Style: Beach Towel / Pareo
  • •  Size: 175 cm x 118 cm / 68 in x 46 in
  • •  Composition: 100% Rayon (Viscose)
    •  It is not standard bath towel, terry towelling, it is a thin sheet towel which can be used as beach throw.
  • •  Origin: Made in Indonesia, Designed in Brazil

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