Bracelet Mo By Monica Atlantic

Dress up your wrist with this superb bracelet, blending discrete colours and dazzling shine, perfect for all your looks, from the most laid back to the classiest.

Unique size / One Size



Just by itself, this wholly beautiful bracelet will look good on you, thanks to its various decorative elements including an intertwining clear blue, black and white silk wire braided strap, a very subtle silvery small chain, of blue-tinted lurex, a subtle silver metal chain together with a row of Swarovski stones.  The whole bracelet is made up of five rows, closed by two small delicate magnets.  This softly-coloured bracelet will suit all your looks.  Its length of 32cm means that you must double it up to wear it, but it can also be worn as a necklace.  Handmade in France.

  • •  Brand: Mo By Monica
  • •  Color: Blue
  • •  Trends: Hand Made
  • •  Print: Bright
  • •  Style: Bracelets
  • •  Origin: Made in France

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